Concept and design meeting

To determine client concept and needs, scale, color palette, price and delivery period.*

Deposit to start commission

20% of agreed upon price or a minimum of $400.  This covers out of pocket expenses for resources such as canvas, paint, photographic processing, shipping and insurance.  A purchase order number is required with this deposit from non-individual clients.  The deposit amount will be credited towards final payment for the artwork.  $400 of this amount is non-refundable or can be applied towards the purchase of other artwork, should the commission project be canceled or put on hold by the client.

Full color, to scale, painting sketch

This original artwork sketch is included in the agreed upon price of the artwork.  The artist will deliver this to the client for signed approval of subject matter, color palette and scale within two to four weeks of deposit receipt.  An accompanying invoice will detail the original order and expected delivery period of completed artwork.  The sketch is to be returned by mail to the artist for referral during the completion process.  Sketch will be returned to the client with the completed artwork.

Progress payment

A 30% progress payment is due upon receipt and signed approval of color sketch.  This amount is to be forwarded to artist with approved sketch.  Client changes or revisions to scale or subject matter of completed sketch will impact delivery period and pricing.

Delivery of completed artwork

Artist to deliver completed artwork according to agreed upon delivery period.  Any shipping and insurance costs to be paid according to original invoice or signed agreement.  Payment in full of balance due is required upon artist personal delivery or receipt of shipped completed artwork.  Installation of artwork by artist to be determined on original invoice.

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Artist Date
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Client or Representative Date

* Reproduction rights of original artwork for commercial or sales purposes are not included in the purchase price of artwork detailed above.