Both my childhood experiences and education gave me my start with art. An aptitude for drawing and creative exploration opened many appropriate doors. A university undergraduate and graduate education presented several illusory possibilities and I launched into a number of “creative” enterprises, all art related. Consequently, art became my career. Creating art of some sort or another goes back to my earliest memories. There were numerous starts to my art, rather than just one.


There are really more than I can count. Essentially, it was one college professor, Alfred Noyes. He was trying to teach me slick oil realism and ultimately urged me to paint out of my head. I would have been a fine enough realist, but realism lacked cerebral challenge. Who wants to compete with a camera to state the obvious? My destiny was to draw and paint abstractly and with expression. Noyes said that direction was my strongest point. He stated, “Realist technicians are a dime a dozen.” Other strong mentors were my University of California professors, highlighted by the internationally noted, Larry Rivers.


To create, to paint beyond my own self-imposed boundaries, to grasp beyond my reach. That is my measure of being a “true artist”. I would get a real thrill out of seeing my paintings hanging in the best galleries and museums of the world. Dreams are cheap enough, reality is very costly. Visualization is the greater part of execution.


Rock Art is my subject choice because it harkens back to my abstract conceptual expressionism days at the university. If creativity is the process, then the creative process can be an art, or an art object. Rock Art (petroglyphs and pictographs) by general nature are abstract symbology and communication. A picture for a word, a word for an expression, handmade marks that compose a picture. These are the elements of a statement, a concept, or communication. Rock Art as the basis for my work fulfills all that fine art can be. The possibilities are indeed without boundaries and infinite; this is what stimulates my creative brain cells.