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Ancient American Indian Rock Art

Rock art -- painted or pecked designs on natural rock surfaces -- is our most direct and accessible record of prehistoric Indian Art and religious beliefs. That it is art -- an esthetic accomplishment, in our sense of the term -- is undeniable, for many of these ancient human figures, animal motifs and geometric designs are masterpieces by anyone's measure. And that this art served the dual purpose of expressing the symbolism of American Indian religion is also now well-established by archaeological study. Commonly made by shaman-priests to portray visions thought to represent their sacred realm, the very ease of viewing this ancient art still preserved on our modern landscape stands in sharp contrast to the deep and ancient beliefs that the art embodies.

Charles Huckeba's artistic re-creations of American Indian rock art are masterpieces in their own right. At once faithfully replicating the ancient images, his modern paintings also succeed in the more difficult task of capturing the spirit of the ancient designs. To the American Indian, this spirit was in part the result of the placement of the designs at sacred places on the landscape. Charles' paintings capture the sense that these are not just images on rocks but instead, as the shaman-artists would attest, are images of what is within the rocks -- the sacred beings in the spirit world that only they could discern in their visionary trances. Even more importantly, Charles' paintings help us recognize that the artistic and spiritual world of the ancient American Indian is far from dead and gone. Though the artist-shamans are now long since passed away, their visions of the supernatural persist on the landscape, and in the re-creations we see in Charles' paintings.

David S Whitley, PH.D. Archaeologist and author of The Art of the Shaman: Native American Rock Art of California and the Handbook of Rock Art Research